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GCSE Revision

Please note that the documents and materials provided by these links may use the old grading system A*- C. The mathematics itself hasn't changed and is still relevant.

GCSE Revision Cards Another useful revision tool. Please check it out and let us know what you think.

Maths Watch (access to this website has been purchased for every student at St. Anselm's. It offers short 'how to' videos for all GCSE topics as specified by the new curriculum, grades 9-1.)

Username: student's full school email

Password: password

Hegarty Maths   ( free or use the username, password : calculation)

Exam Solutions (free and wonderfully good for GCSE and A Level)

E Maths                (great advice, useful revision ideas and all free.)

Core Wednesday Afternoon Sessions: Focus Work

Practice Questions by Topic:

The Links will allow you to access exam questions on different topics so take a look.

Aiming for Grade 4/5

Get that 4/5

 Grade 4/5 problem solving

Aiming for a Grade 5+

Get that secure Grade 5+

Aiming for a Grade 7+

Get that Grade 7+

Part 1

Part 2

Get that secure Grade 7+

Updated: 3rd March 2017




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