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Dear Parent/Carer

Exciting New Development:
Shared Leadership and Business Management for St Anselm’s, St Edmund’s and Ursuline College from September 2018

We are very pleased to announce the introduction of an exciting, new development for St Anselm’s, Canterbury, St Edmund’s, Dover and Ursuline College, Westgate.

St Anselm’s, St Edmund’s and Ursuline College are academies within The Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership (KCSP), a Department for Education (DfE) approved Multi Academy Trust (MAT). KCSP is made up of 24 academies across Kent (currently 5 secondary and 19 primary) and is dedicated to continued and successful Catholic education.

As a Catholic MAT, we are always looking at ways to support continuous improvement for the benefit of pupils in what is a challenging educational landscape. Working collaboratively, we are determined to ensure that all students continue to receive excellent teaching and support, driven by Catholic leaders of the highest calibre. To ensure this, following detailed discussion with Chairs of Governors, Governor representatives and Senior Leadership staff, from 1st September 2018 we are introducing a new Shared Leadership and Business Management structure for the three academies. Our expectation is that this will help us develop and retain our best teachers and support staff, make the most of our strongest Catholic leaders and make each academy an increasingly attractive opportunity for new recruits to Catholic education.

The new, permanent, Shared Leadership and Business Management model will comprise an Executive Principal over the three academies, with each academy being led on a day-to-day basis by its own Academy Principal. By introducing this model, the KCSP Board is confident all students and staff will continue to thrive because of increased collaboration, shared staff expertise and maximised financial resources. All three academies, like any set of schools, have important strengths from which each can benefit, and challenges which they are better able to address together so that current success for students can continue and grow.

The first step to bringing the model into being is the appointment of the Executive Principal and Academy Principals in time for the 1st September start. We expect each of these posts to be filled from within the existing group of senior leaders and will be undertaking the appointment process over the next few weeks. Announcements will be made in due course. We will also be working closely with Governors so that an appropriate governance structure is in place to provide necessary strategic oversight and preserve the important relationships between family, academy and parish.

This important development will also include the appointment from among existing staff of an Area Business Manager to work across the three academies, with each academy having a suitable level of dedicated financial support.

We hope you will recognise the benefits of this development to ensure consistency of high quality leadership, teaching, support and learning within a strong Catholic context so that, above all, students can be increasingly successful. Should you have any queries regarding this, do please get in touch at from where queries can be fielded accordingly.

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