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At St Anselm’s Catholic School we strive towards the integral development of all our students. As stated in the school’s mission statement, we aim to promote the development of all our students so that they are able to achieve their full potential academically, spiritually and socially. At St Anselm’s we recognise that sometimes external factors, some of which are totally out of the student’s control may create barriers that prevent this holistic development from taking place, especially with regards to their intellectual or educational development. It is for this reason that our school have determined to recognise our Young Carers.
A Carer is anyone who takes care or looks after, without receiving payment, a family member or a friend, who as a result of illness, disability or mental health problems or an addiction, cannot look after themselves without their support. A Young Carer is a young person under the age of 18 who has assumed the responsibility to care, more often than not unknowingly, usually towards a family member who has a disability, long-term illness, mental illness or suffer from drug or alcohol - related addictions.
 At St Anselm’s we aim to identify our students who have such responsibilities, some of whom have no knowledge whatsoever that what they have been accustomed to doing actually qualifies them into this category of a Young Carer.  
Having identified them, we work in partnership with Kent Young Carers and the Carers Trust to ensure that Young Carers whom we have managed to identify in our school are surrounded by a network of available support in order to best support them.
If you feel that your child may have consciously or unconsciously assumed the role of a Young Carer and we are not yet aware, please contact one of the following members of staff:
Mrs Anita Carney, Assistant Headteacher (Strategic Lead) 
Sara Hampson, HLTA (Operational Lead)
House Managers:
Aquinas, Ms Robertson
Bosco, Mrs Duckett
Merici, Mrs Butcher
Stein, Mrs Cook





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