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Entry into Year 7-11

If your child is already in Years 7-11 and you would like to apply for a place at St Anselm's, you will need to make an in year admission. To do this, please contact Miss Bullard, Admissions Officer on 01227 826200 to request an application form.

In addition to completing this form you will also need to provide the following

1) IYCAF form 

2)  Clear copy/original of Baptismal/Dedication or Christening Certificate (if applicable)

3) A statement of support, signed by your Parish Priest of Minister of Religion (if applicable)

As a faith school you will appreciate that our admissions criteria differ from those of other schools; details are available below. This enables us to ensure that our over-subscription criteria are applied to all applications in a consistent and fair way.

St Anselm's Catholic School Oversubscription Criteria