St. Anselm's Catholic School

St Anselm's Cahtolic School

St Anselm’s Catholic School

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Patron Saint of boys and apprentices
House Colour: Red

Head of House: Mrs A Carney

House Manager: Mrs T Duckett

House Office Location: Edmund Block
Feast day: 31 January

‘I am very proud to be in Bosco as I am supported by a devoted and hard-working House Team. We are like a large family – always supporting each other.’ Bosco student, 2B

‘It is a fun and enjoyable House with a shared sense of belonging and community.’ Bosco student, 5B

‘I am in a caring, loving and happy environment, like a family. I enjoy being praised for hard work that has been noticed, especially in Rewards Assemblies.’ Bosco student, 9B

‘I am very proud to be in Bosco. I have never known a group of people to be so supportive and understanding.’ Bosco student, 12B

St John Bosco grew up in a poor Italian farm family. To earn extra money, he presented magic shows to children with a promise that they pray with him before and after the show. He devoted his spare time to finding poor children in the city slum, entertained them with stories and tricks and found them jobs. He knew it was important for adults to take responsibility for wayward children. He founded the Salesians of Don Bosco, an order of priests who educated boys. To aid abandoned girls, he founded the Daughters of Mary, Help for Christians. He was the founder of the Union of Co-operator Salesians for lay people. He also believed greatly in the power of Holy Communion. His most famous quote was ‘young people must know they are loved’.

Prayer: Saint John Bosco, as you saw Jesus in the face of every child, help me show kindness to the strangers I meet. Amen

Mrs A Carney - Head of House 

The Head of House is responsible for overseeing the Academic and Pastoral care of the students within the vertical structure of the House.  The Head of House is also responsible for the quality of Teaching and Learning within Art, PE, DT, Food & Health Science, Performing Arts, working in conjunction with the Curriculum Managers.

Mr M Henderson - Deputy Head of House

The Deputy Head of House is responsible for the analysis of academic data and attendance;  supports the Head of House with academic intervention; leads on attendance in consultation with the House Manager. 

Mrs T Duckett - House Manager

The House Manager should be the first point of contact in the House Office and has attendance and pastoral welfare as primary areas of focus. She leads on our support from external agencies.


Art and Photography, Design Technology, Food and Health Science, Music and Drama, PE 

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