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As we are now in Term 6, it is looking very likely that Year 10 Work Experience will  sadly have to be cancelled. We appreciate how disappointing this will be for some of you.  

With this in mind, we have been made aware of the following resource - a virtual work experience, which is taking place this week and started yesterday.  

If you click on the following link and start on the tab that says 'Monday' you will see some quizzes and lessons, which may be of help to you when planning your career and will give you something to talk about for work experience on your Sixth Form, College and University personal statements.  

As we understand it, there will be new content uploaded every day this week.

Here is the link: https://classroom.thenational.academy/year-groups/year-10/work-experience/


National Careers Week 2020 takes place on week commencing Monday 2nd March and a wide range of activities have been planned for students across every year group to raise awareness on career pathways, employability skills and understanding their own skill set.  

Monday 2nd March: Teachers will be sharing their own career journeys and students will be asked to interview someone they know about their career journey - even someone from home.  It's often very enlightening!

Tuesday 3rd March: Tutors and students will take part in a buzz quiz, to learn more about their personal strengths and values and how these could be used in the world of work.

Wednesday 4th March: Group discussion on the employability skills that students develop from within the classroom.

Thursday 5th March: Students' knowledge of careers and education with questions on which professions earn the most money, who the largest  employer in the country is, which famous people did apprenticeships etc.

Friday 6th March: Students will be presenting their findings from the week.  What did they find out about teachers' own career journeys? What did they find out about themselves in the Buzz Quix? What ideas do they have for future careers?  They will also be challenged to create a display of the different pathways they learned about and a prize will be awarded to the winning tutor group!


Uploaded 9th October 2019

On the 15th July we were delighted to welcome over twenty local and national business volunteers to deliver an amazing Employability Day for our Year 10 students.

The day was organised in partnership with EBP Kent (Education Business Partnership) and comprised six different zones, all of which were designed to help students gain an understanding of which skills are needed to seek employment: 

EBP Kent did a fantastic job of arranging the day and securing a huge variety of employers, including Denne Joinery, Clague Architects, Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury Christchurch University, Megger, Saga Group PLC, Canterbury College, NHS, Barclays Bank, Girlings Solicitors, Lloyds bank, Specsavers, Asda, Migrant Helpline and Finally.  We received some wonderful feedback from these employers:

 “Impressed with the range of students and their different aspirations.  All seemed to have really thought about what they would like to do.”

“Really engaged and polite students.  Many had some very high aspirations.”

“All students were very polite and respectful to me.  It is my first time doing this and I have really enjoyed the entire process of speaking with them.”

We were also delighted to gain positive feedback from the students themselves.  96% of the students said that they now understood more about employers’ expectations within the workplace and an amazing 76% commented that the event had actually helped them to make an important decision regarding their future career pathway.  

“I have learnt to communicate with people better, through the one-to-one interview and workshops.  I learnt about the type of questions that might be asked.”

“The employer workshop was very useful and the people running it were very helpful in answering my questions.”

“It was really useful being able to learn how to write a CV and many of the activities were fun and great for experience.”

It was a brilliant day that was full of energy and whether students left having made a big career decision or with the confidence to go out and get that Saturday job, we are extremely grateful to the business volunteers that gave up their time and resources to support our school.

For further information on this day and how it supports the Gatsby Benchmarks regarding Careers Education Information and Guidance, please view the attached documents.
Employability Day: Evaluation
Employability Day: Gatsby Benchmark

Uploaded 30 September 2019

Whilst most of us can remember our own first experiences of the workplace (the good and the not so good!), how many of us can truly cast our minds back to how we felt on that first day...the sense of anticipation mixed with uncertainty and nerves?  As we grow older and gather our own life experiences, we become so accustomed to placing ourselves in unfamiliar situations that it is easy to forget the courage that it took to first venture into the unknown. 

That is why we are so proud of the 160 Year 10 and Year 12 students that took that brave step this July and completed their work experience.  From placements in costume design at the Globe Theatre in London to walking the beat with Kent Police, we were amazed at the variety of placements our students obtained.

The benefits of work experience speak for themselves; beyond the chance to see what your chosen field of work is really like and establish worthwhile connections, transferable skills such as confidence, organisation, communication will benefit students whichever path they decide to ultimately take.  So what did our students take from their time in the big, wide world?

To answer, here are some quotes from Year 10 students' completed diaries:

"I understand now how to prepare myself for the coming day and make sure I am ready the night before to allow me not to panic."   

"It taught me patience.  Looking after children is hard work, but rewarding when you see them smile and having fun.  It has also confirmed that I want to work with kids when I'm older."

"I liked invoicing and I gained the skill to interpret data and how to transfer and send the data elsewhere."

It was so interesting to read what the students had written in their diaries and goes to show that taking the time to reflect is great for getting the most out of any experience.  Another useful tool for this was the Employer's Evaluation Sheet what was completed at the end of the placement.  It was not only a genuine pleasure to read how well our students had done, but also enlightening to see the value that employers place on passing on their own skills and knowledge to the next generation of workers:

"We were extremely happy with Louise’s ability in the kitchen….as a result, we have offered her some more work.” – The Local Restaurant and Public House

“Lois even went above and beyond and attended the evening performance of our Year 6 play at the Marlowe Theatre!! – St Peter’s Methodist Primary School

“We loved having Jessica with us…would welcome her back anytime!” – Barking Beauties

And to save the best until the end and to show that there should be no barrier or limit to students' aspirations, here is a fantastic picture of Mary working for one of the leading transport infrastructure construction companies in the country: 


“Mary has been a great addition to the team.  She worked well and completed all tasks assigned to her within the deadlines” – Mr Dolan, Senior Project Manager, Osborne

 Whilst all Year 12 students are expected to source a work experience placement that is relevant to their chosen career to support their university applications, for Year 10, the programme is entirely optional.  This is why we are so delighted that so many students took part and hope that by celebrating their achievements here, more students will be encouraged to take part next July!  

We would also like to offer our sincere thanks to the parents and employers that gave their valuable time an energy to supporting our young people, it is enormously appreciated by all of us at St Anselm’s and the memories will stay with those students for a lifetime.