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Design and Technology

There are three workshops each equipped with wood, metal and plastic working facilities, a CAD/CAM area, dedicated sixth form computer/graphics room and a dedicated engineering room. The CAD/CAM space includes two laser cutters, a vinyl cutter, 3D printer, sublimation printer and a CNC router. In the dedicated engineering space there is a vertical milling machine, metal working lathe and wood working lathe.

At St Anselms, Design Technology is taught across all age groups and remains a popular choice at GCSE and A-Level.

"What you need to invent,
is an imagination and a pile of junk.''

Thomas Edison



For years 7 and 8 homework tasks and photos can be found on the Key Stage 3 page.

For years 9, 10 and 11 homework tasks, photos and GCSE revision and exam preparation can be found on the Key Stage 4 page.

 For years 12 and 13 revision, exam preparation advice and photos can be found on the Key Stage 5 page. 



Department staff:

Ms C Banton (Curriculum Lead) - c.banton@st-anselms.org.uk 

Miss G Ensor (Teacher) - g.ensor@st-anselms.org.uk 

Mr P Wilson (DT Technician) - p.wilson@st-anselms.org.uk