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The article you will be using during your silent reading session at form time is available here.

Our main event of the year is British Science Week which takes place in March each year. Please see the poster below for details of all of the activities which took place in Science Week 2017!  Our next science week will take place in March 2019.

If you are a student at St. Anselm's Catholic School, please give us your feedback about Science Week by clicking here.

Aside from the activities listed above, Year 7 students also took part in a paper aeroplane competition. This involved them designing and constructing their planes during one of their science lessons, and then going head-to-head during Form Time on Friday. Year 8 students were taught about coding and computer programming during one of their science lessons, with students being given a BBC MicroBit to take home. Finally, all Houses took part in a Form Time competition throughout the week culminating in the 'Science Chase' during Form Time on Friday. The winning form groups were 12A, 9B, 2M and 7S, each of whom selected three students to compete in the 'Science Chase'. This involved these three students representing their House and taking on one of the Science Chasers - Miss. Denton, Miss. Hunt, Mr. Withey and Mr. Norton.

Please click on the gallery below to see photos from Science Week 2017.

Outreach & Enrichment Team

We are constantly recruiting students to join our Outreach & Enrichment Team. If you are currently studying at St. Anselm's in Year 7, 8 or 9 and would like to apply for the role of 'Science Outreach Ambassador' or in Year 12 and would like to apply for the role of 'Science Enrichment Leader', please find the application form and the job description for both roles below.

Job Description - Outreach Ambassador (Year 7. 8 and 9)
Job Description - Enrichment Leader (Year 12)
Application Form

Do Try This At Home!

The Institute of Physics has produced a range of experiments which you can do at home using common household items. These experiments include bending water, making lava lamps with peanuts and making art using soap. If you try any of these experiment, please take a photo and send it to Mr Norton (l.norton@st-anselms.org.uk). He will then make sure that you are issued with an achievement point and you may even have your experiment shared on our social media accounts!

The equipment list and method for these experiments can be found here.