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Food and Health Science

The practice and skills of Home Economics are related to the environment in which we live. Home Economics links home and school realities visibly and meaningfully and the students can see their every day knowledge operating all around them.
Students learn to work in an atmosphere of co-operation and enthusiasm which builds up their confidence and helps them to become self reliant and tolerant towards people.

Opportunities are provided to stimulate students` language development so that they can develop the skills necessary to communicate and express themselves.

Pupils are provided with practical situations in which they are constantly faced with the need to identify priorities, solve problems and make decisions for themselves.

Year 7 and 8 Food AND HEALTH Science

Practical sessions

Students and parents will be advised on which ingredients they need to bring for the next session via SIMS, however, the following links show you what we are making throughout the year. Please do have a look at the linked documents as they show the whole recipe (not just the ingredients), in case students want to practice the dish before lesson or make it again afterwards!


Year 7 Resources

Year 7 Recipes          Recipes

Year 7 Booklet           Booklet

Year 7 Homework      Cycle 1/2             Cycle 2/3                 Cycle 3/4


Year 8 Resources

 Year 8 Recipes         Recipes

Year 8 Booklet           Booklet

Year 8 Homework      Cycle 1/2              Cycle 2/3              Cycle 3/4



Eduqas is the exam board     https://www.eduqas.co.uk/qualifications/food-preparation-and-nutrition/

Recommended revision guide  https://www.cgpbooks.co.uk/secondary-books/gcse/design-technology/food-prep-nutrition/fnwr41-grade-9-1-gcse-food-preparation-nutriti



Department staff:

Mrs S Wynne (Curriculum Lead) - s.wynne2@st-anselms.org.uk 

Miss S Phillips (Teacher) - s.phillips@st-anselms.org.uk 

Mrs H Wiles (Teacher) - h.wiles@st-anselms.org.uk 

Mrs M Dixon (CT Technician) - m.dixon@st-anselms.org.uk