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Curriculum Leader

Mr C Barry

Curriculum Intent statement

Information Technology is delivered in the hope to inspire students who are interested in an introduction to the study of creating IT systems to manage and share information alongside other fields of study, with a view to progressing to a wide range of higher education courses, not necessarily in IT. Students will develop a common core of IT knowledge and study areas such as the relationship between hardware and software that form an IT system, managing and processing data to support business and using IT to communicate and share information. In addition to helping students acquire subject knowledge, the course is designed to develop the following skills:

  •  cognitive and problem-solving skills: use critical thinking, approach non-routine problems applying expert and creative solutions, use systems and technology
  • Intrapersonal skills: communicating, working collaboratively, negotiating and influencing, self-presentation
  • Interpersonal skills: self-management, adaptability and resilience, self-monitoring and development.

Curriculum Plan

KS3 and 4 Computing Curriculum Plan

KS4 and 5 BTEC IT Curriculum Plan

Curriculum Overview

BTEC DIT Specification

GCSE Specification

A-Level Specification

Revision Guides

GCSE Revision

A-Level Revision     

Higher level Scheme of work

Year 7 SOW

Year 8 SOW

Year 9 SOW

Strive SOW

Year 10 Computer Science SOW

Year 10 Digital Information Technology SOW

Year 11 Computer Science SOW

Year 11 Digital Information Technology SOW

Year 12 Single SOW

Year 12 Double SOW

Year 13 Single SOW

Year 13 Double SOW

Learning Journeys


Year A Strive

Year B Strive

Year C Strive

Year 10 BTEC DIT

Year 10 Computing

Year 11 BTEC DIT

Year 11 Computing

Year 12

Year 13


At St Anselm’s Catholic School, the ICT department strives to provide an interesting and challenging curriculum within a context that is accessible for all students. In today’s society it has become vital that pupils are equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to function in their daily lives. As a result, we offer robust course that enable all pupils to achieve their full potential.
Within the department we have high expectations of both staff and pupils, with the emphasis on high quality teaching and learning. This ensures that all pupils are able to use technology safely and responsibly both in and out of school.

Resources in the Department

At St Anselm’s, the ICT department is well resourced. The department has four well equipped computer rooms with brand new computers running Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016. All computers have the latest software installed on them including the full Serif package, Flash, Scratch and Python programming environments with other software to support the computing courses. The department also makes use of programmable robotic arms, 3D printers and Raspberry Pi’s which pupils can use to develop their programming skills whilst offering the satisfaction of seeing programs in operation. The department is always looking at new technological advances and bringing in these where they extend students learning experience.

The Curriculum

Please select a Key Stage to view the current curriculum.

Key Stage 3
Key Stage 4
Key Stage 5

Beyond The Curriculum

The department also offers a range of activities for the student to opt it to through our inspired curriculum, including Animated Movie Creation, which involves pupils designing their own animated movie inspired  from the likes of Pixar and Disney, this extends pupils knowledge of Animation and 2d design techniques and requires them to think creatively and logically.

The department will also be offering a range of clubs from September 2020 in which pupils can take on challenging Computer projects to extend their knowledge beyond the curriculum.

Furthermore, to find out more information regarding current uses of technology, please visit the monthly St Anselm's Online Safety Newsletter.