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Welcome to the science department!

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In line with the school's Mission, the Science Department aims to promote the development of all its students so that they are able to achieve their full potential academically, spiritually and socially. 

Whilst studying Science at St Anselm’s Catholic School, students will answer these questions such as: When is a day not 24 hours long? When are bacteria and viruses useful? How can oxygen be a pollutant?

Science allows students to explore the Earth with its array of living organisms and chemical wonders, and to journey to the edge of the Universe (not literally of course) making fascinating discoveries along the way.

The Science Department at St Anselm’s prides itself on the professionalism and dedication of its staff. We aim to enrich and enthuse each pupil who walks in through our door so that they have not only learnt something new, but so that they leave us with an enhanced sense of awe and wonder at the world they live in. Please visit our various pages to find out a bit more about what is going on within our active department.

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If you are a student at St. Anselm's Catholic School and would like to provide feedback on your science lessons, please complete the relevant student voice survey below:

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