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YearS 9, 10 & 11

Year 9, 10 and 11 students are studying courses from the AQA GCSE Science For All Suite, including Combined Science: Trilogy (equivalent to two GCSEs), Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Students will be studying this course over three years. These new GCSE courses involve no controlled assessment component. In its place, these courses now highlight a list of Working Scientifically skills which students will be assessed on during their public examinations. This list can be found in any of the specifications below, along with a list of the Required Practicals which form part of the course. AQA's document outlining how their will examine practical skills in the new GCSE exams can be found here.

Students should familiarise themselves with key scientific terminology in preparation for their public examinations in science. Please find two documents which aim to support students in this regard below.

Subject Specific Vocabulary
Command Words

Every GCSE (and A-Level or BTEC) course has a specification which is a document containing all the information about the course. This document can be very useful for revision as it contains a list of statements for each topic that students should know.

Combined Science: Trilogy

Please find some revision advice for GCSE Science here.

What's available to you?
1) Revision guides - available via ParentPay and from the Science Office in B Block.

2) Kerboodle - an online revision/ homework site. (Guidance for accessing this is available here.)

3) SharePoint site - providing access to a wide range of resources that our science teachers have collated together to support students with their revision. These also incorporate a conversation feature which students are reminded to use responsibly. Any posts result in every member of the group receiving an email (in some cases up to approximately 300 students and teachers). If this feature is used responsibly, this allows for students to obtain support from every student who studies the course, and also every member of staff who teaches the course. (Guidance for accessing this is available here.)

4) Seneca Learning - an online revision app which aims to make the process more fun and engaging. (Guidance for accessing this is available here.)

Go Green
Students are formally assessed during Week 6 of each cycle, with more frequent assessment taking place in class and during teachers' assessment of written work. The Science Department have introduced a 'Go Green' initiative which aims to maximise progress after each cycle assessment. After teachers have marked a classes' cycle assessments, a series of Go Green lessons will allow students the opportunity to re-cover their areas for development from the assessment. Students will then re-attempt the questions from the assessment which related to these areas in order to measure their own progress.

Past Papers
AQA has publish a wide range of resources to support their new GCSE qualifications, including specimen papers. Unfortunately, there are no past paper questions at this moment in time as the first assessment for these courses will be in June 2018.

Combined Science: Trilogy



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