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Hello all, and welcome to the first Enrichment Blog of St Anselm’s School. 

We’ve been delighted to see how our students have been making the most of the time out of school to develop and enhance new skills, such as art, cooking and music, and we want to encourage them to continue in their endeavours. 

Enrichment is an important part of St Anselm’s School’s life and is usually done through our tutor times, with activities such as sports tournaments, Spelling Bees, quizzes and art competitions. 

However, as we are unable to offer these activities at the moment, we are trialling some new methods of delivery. 

Year 7 and 8 students have some enrichment activities in the Inspire sessions, consisting of quizzes, debates and thinking skills, and we will be offering a variety of new initiatives to our older students. 

The first one of these is a Virtual Film Club for year 9 students. Those who are interested will vote for what they want to watch, and then there will be the opportunity to discuss the various aspects, such as storyline, cinematography, score etc through a Teams meeting. This will be monitored by a member of staff, but it is hoped that the students will eventually be willing to run this themselves. The films will be watched via BBC iplayer until such time as we are able to hold a club in person. 

If your child is interested, please contact to request a permission letter. 

For year 10s, we will be holding an art competition. We would love the students to help brighten up their “bubble area” and so we have a number of large pebbles which can be decorated using permanent marker pens and then varnished. The theme is “Wise Words”, and the decorations can include pictures and/or text. Students wishing to participate should email and the pebbles will be distributed to them. There will be prizes for the best three designs. The deadline is Friday 23rd October 2020.  

In Sixth Form, we are providing enrichment opportunities that students can explore in their own time.  Each cycle there will be activities and new things to learn that will be published to students via the Sixth Form Bulletin. 

This cycle, students have been given videos that can teach them how to make their own clothes/masks, learn British Sign Language and learn an instrument!

By participating in these opportunities, it not only provides the students with additional interests alongside their studies but gives them something different that they can mention in their personal statements to help them stand out. 

I would love to see the fruits of students' labour if they do decide to participate so please email any pictures/videos to  

Coming next cycle......

Geography competition

Simon Singh's Parallelogram 

Mrs A Kite                                                            Miss S Woolford 

Enrichment Coordinator                                    Sixth Form Enrichment 




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