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     How can I help my child achieve the best GCSE grade in Mathematics?

The maths team will provide:

  • Commitment and hard work to help your child.
  • Focused support and guidance.
  • Year 11 will get an exam paper fortnightly to complete in full. Weekly from January onwards.
  • Regular assessments to track progress.
  • Revision material from October in year 11 during their final GCSE year. An email is issued via parent pay and parents/ guardians can order from parent pay.
  • Revision and intervention sessions if your child falls below expectations

Our Exam Board:

  • Currently Edexcel in all key stages.
  • Reviewed every year to ensure it provides the best for your child.
  • Provides support and guidance to students and parents, take a look at their website. Follow links for mathematics.

 What can parents and guardians do:

  • Ensure your child does their homework. Research how to do exam questions not copy from the internet!
  • Contact your childs maths teacher if you have concerns.
  • Praise them for doing homework and extra revision.
  • Provide them with a quiet area to study. Avoid looking over their shoulder!
  • Buy a text book/revision guide to let them do extra.
  • Monitor that they do some maths every week on top of any homework.

What students should be doing:

  • They must become independent and take responsibility.
  • We are here to help and guide, not tell them.
  • Don’t copy answers to exam papers from the internet.
  • Research how to do questions, understand where answers are coming from.
  • Use websites, videos and other resources for revision.
  • Spend more than 2 hours a week on maths.
  • Use marked homework papers and tests to find out about areas of weaknesses that you need to practice.
  • Plenty of practice each week.

 Useful revision websites:

There are lots of useful revision material on the web that will allow your child do well in maths. They have videos with instruction of how to do things and lots of examples and practice.     Username is their school email, password is "password"

There are lots more!

Changes to the New GCSE:

  • Increased amount of algebra, proportional reasoning and increased problem solving.
  • It is getting harder and higher expectations.
  • Some basic content from A level into GCSE !!
  • Standard pass at grade 4 ( C grade )
  • Strong pass at grade 5, ( B grade ish)
  • Practice, practice, practice...
  • Foundation: you will need to aim for about 60% to secure a grade 4, 78% for Grade 5.
  • Higher: 33% grade 5, 46 % grade 6, 58% grade 7, 71% grade 8

 Mathematics is taught by :

Mr O’Rourke (Curriculum Manager)

Mr Rescorla (2nd in charge of Mathematics)

Mrs Kite

Mrs Manning-Wade

Mrs Etra

Mr Bird

Mr Georgiou

Mrs Tunnadine




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