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Patron Saint of helping the sick and the physically challenged people

House Colour: Blue

Head of House: Miss K Penfold

House Manager: Mrs F Butcher

House Admin: Mrs H Williams

House Office Location: More Block, 2nd Floor

Feast day: 27 January

Angela Merici said ‘no’ to the Pope when asked to take charge of a religious order of nursing sisters. She knew that was not what God wanted her to do with her life.
On the way to the Holy Land, she fell ill and became blind. She carried on with her pilgrimage and toured holy sites with the devotion of her heart. She got her sight back on her return trip.
She was deeply disturbed when her sister died without receiving the sacraments. A vision reassured her that her sister was safe in God’s care and that prompted her to dedicate her life to God.

Prayer: Saint Angela, you were not afraid of change. You did not let stereotypes keep you from serving. Help us overcome our fear of change in order to follow God’s call and allow others to follow theirs. Amen.


Miss K Penfold - Head of House - k.penfold@st-anselms.org.uk

The Head of House is responsible for overseeing the Academic and Pastoral care of the students within the vertical structure of the House.  The Head of House is also responsible for the quality of Teaching and Learning within English, ICT, Modern Foreign Languages and Film Studies,  working in conjunction with the Curriculum Leaders..

Mrs F Butcher - House Manager - f.butcher@st-anselms.org.uk

The House Manager should be the first point of contact in the House Office and has attendance and pastoral welfare as primary areas of focus. She leads on our support from external agencies.

Mrs H Williams - House Admin - h.williams@st-anselms.org.uk

The House Admin undertakes a range of administrative tasks under the direction of the Head of House.

 The House team can also be contacted via telephone on 01227 826200, option 2,  followed by option 3.


Subjects  English, ICT, Modern Foreign Languages and Film Studies