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We're really proud of all our past students for the contributions they make to society; but especially those that are presently working in the front line in the battle against Covid-19.  Some of them have kindly agreed to share with us what they are doing and we know that we speak for everyone  when we say how grateful we are to them for their service.

Katie Twyman

"I am a nurse currently working on a COVID-19 isolation unit for patients that have tested positive for the virus. It has been difficult in the conditions that we are currently working in but the way we have all come together as a team helps get us through each day. All of the amazing support from everyone has made me feel incredibly proud to be part of the wonderful NHS."   



Megan Wood

 Megan is a Therapy support worker at William Harvey Hospital.  Her role consists of supporting Occupational therapist and Physiotherapists with in patients, specialising in Dementia. At present she is working with all patients with Covid 19 to strengthen and mobilise to enable the support towards recovery.   



Jessica Holmes

"I am currently still working through this difficult time at a secure mental health hospital in Northamptonshire as an Assistant Psychologist, supporting women with Borderline Personality Disorder."   




Kate Lammas

"I am currently working through the Covid-19 pandemic as a key worker. My Job is the Cook of Whitstable Nursing Home and I have to provide the 3 meals a day for our vulnerable residents. I work 5 days a week mostly doing 12hr shifts, it’s been a struggle with the stress of keeping safe myself however it is very rewarding knowing that I can still provide great quality food and the highest level of cleanliness in my kitchen."



Ellie McLeod

"I am a diagnostic radiographer working for a company that is providing essential CT scanning services across the country. I work on mobile units (lorries) that park up at NHS hospitals in need of our help. During this pandemic, lots of people still need urgent imaging, especially cancer patients. My team and I travel across South England to provide these services - some of my colleagues are currently working at the Nightingale hospitals."


Beatrice Duckman

"I studied Health & Social Care at St Anselm's , then went on to do a nursing degree.  Now I am six months qualified, working in a London A&E during a global pandemic.  Although there are many challenges that we face when caring for Covid positive patients, it's amazing to see everyone coming together to fight it."



Joely Rapley

Joely is one of our current Year 13 students and has been working in a pharmacy, serving the public, issuing prescriptions and keeping the shelves stocked and in good order.  She has also been helping the elderly and vulnerable during the pandemic by taking telephone orders.   She has been doing all this alongside managing her studies, so we are very proud of her indeed!





Gemma Dengate

"I am a key worker at the moment as I am a teaching assistant at a local primary school, currently we are working on a rota system to go in on particular days to look after the children whose parents are key workers."

Lilli Henderson

Lilli is one of our current Year 13 students and has been working at Marks & Spencer's:

“I’ve been working in the food hall due to the clothing departments being closed in M&S, although it has been a change of scenery it’s been very busy and I’m enjoying it! Social distancing has been hard to adapt to, but measures have been put in place with in store to keep both colleagues and customers put in place.”



Marie Proctor

“As a 3rd year pharmacy student, I had planned to wait until my exams were over before starting working. However, I knew that pharmacies were severely under-staffed due to some of my colleagues having to self-isolate for varying reasons, and I'd read in the Pharmaceutical Journal that prescription dispensing had increased by up to a third. Therefore, I came back to work early to help with the increased workload and decreased staff numbers. At work, I help where I can, either by covering the pharmacy counter to help with queuing or by covering in the dispensary to help with the dispensing of prescriptions so that they are ready for collection/delivery ASAP.”

Chenice Kerr

“I went to university to study special educational needs but found it wasn’t the right course for me.  Now I’m a carer for a group of non-verbal autistic adults for the Kent Autistic Trust. We are wearing masks, gloves and aprons to work now and working longer shifts. I’ve worked here for just under a year and we are having to try to take things day by day as autistic people very much rely on routine.”



 Jan Axle Enabore

“I am currently working as coronary care nurse, looking after patients with acute coronary syndromes. The unit I’m working in is currently divided in two, COVID and non-COVID patients. Unfortunately, I have been affected quite early on this lock down and has been trying to recover since. I pray for my colleagues and the patients during this pandemic. I’m hoping for my recovery so I can rejoin and help my colleagues again. The amazing support provided by the public has made this difficult time more bearable.”


Mia Harvie

“I’m a Care Assistant at Strode Park Foundation, working daily in the isolation unit caring for possible Covid-19 patients, we are coming together and working as a team. I am beyond proud of what we are all doing as a team and I am forever grateful for the staff that I work with and all the support I am getting from family, friends and my colleagues.”

 Jacob Herst

Jacob is a police officer and has been working in the Canterbury area during the pandemic.