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Supporting the Mental Health and Well being of your family

                                                              Have your say!                                                        

What would you like to see from us in regards to supporting mental health here at St Anselm's? We want to hear from you. Whether you are a pupil or a staff member or a parent, our aim is to do as much as we can to support you.

  • Is there anything that we are already doing that you like?
  • Is there anything that you would like to see more of?
  • Are there any initiatives that you have seen elsewhere that you would like us to employ?

Please email (Mental Heath and Well being Champion) to say your view and make your opinion heard!! 

                                                Suggested program to watch!                                          

One month after prime minister Theresa May promised to 'transform the way we deal with mental health problems right across society', reporter Sophie Hutchinson investigates the troubled state of NHS mental health services. She hears the concerns of staff and patients at the first mental health trust in England to be placed in special measures, and learns of the deteriorating national picture for mental health care funding, exclusively revealing new figures that show a shocking increase in unexpected deaths of mental health patients.

Use the link here to take you directly to the BBC iplayer program 


                                       Time to Talk Day 2017                                  

                          **THURSDAY 2nd FEBRUARY.**                      

  Free tea and coffee for all students at lunchtime in the hall    

                     Lets get talking about Mental Health!!!!!!!!!              

     Mental health problems are everyone’s problem: article by Theresa May   

Click on the link below to catch up on the Prime Minister's most recent thoughts on the subject from her speech on Tuesday 10th January 

                          Mindfulness Cards  - /docs/Mindfulness_Cards.pdf                         

During form time once a week the pupils are allocated some time to be mindful. This time allows for the students to  refocus their mind during a busy week. When was the last time that you just stopped and became aware of your surroundings in a busy part of the day? The cards are aimed to relieve stress and anxiety and and range from 5 to 30 minutes. Have a go and see what you think.  

                                                           Time to Change                                                         

Time to change is a charity that we work closely with here at St Anselm's and we are currently involved in a piece of research on what schools are doing to eliminate the stigma of mental health. Their YouTube page is brilliant and has lots of helpful tips and hints for parents with children suffering with mental health issues

It could be used as good starting point for a conversation about mental health in your household to break the awkwardness on bringing up the seemingly taboo subject. 

                                  Our staff look after their mental health too!                            

Speaking openly about mental health benefits us all. It is vital that teachers not only look after the well being of their pupils, but their own well being too. At St Anselm's staff mental health and well being is a priority as much as pupils. Some of our work has recently been included in an article in the School, Students and Teachers Network, which is an organisation that supports innovative change in schools through publishing educational outcomes, journals and publications. Check us out! 



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